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Pet Laboratory

We offer a cutting-edge in-house laboratory at South Corona Pet Hospital in Corona, CA. Read below to learn more. 

Pet Laboratory in Corona, CA

Vet holding a cat on table

At South Corona Pet Hospital, we prioritize your pet’s well-being through cutting-edge laboratory services, offering a broad spectrum of diagnostic tests. Our laboratory services aim to swiftly identify health issues and provide tailored care, ensuring the best possible health outcomes for your beloved pets.

Collaborative Specialized Diagnostics

Our collaborative approach with commercial veterinary laboratories extends a wealth of resources and benefits:

  • Expanded Testing Capabilities: Through our partnerships with commercial labs, we gain access to an extensive range of specialized tests that surpass our in-house capabilities. This broadened scope ensures a comprehensive assessment, covering a wider spectrum of health concerns, and enhancing our diagnostic capacity.
  • Professional Expertise at Your Service: Leveraging consultations with specialized professionals provides a wealth of expertise in accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. These collaborations allow our team to tap into a network of seasoned experts, ensuring the most suitable and effective treatment pathways for your pet’s health needs.

This collaborative framework significantly expands our testing capabilities, offering a wider spectrum of diagnostics and harnessing specialized expertise to ensure comprehensive and accurate health assessments for your beloved pets.

Benefits of Our Services

Utilizing our laboratory services offers several advantages for your pet:

  • Rapid and Precise Diagnoses: Our in-house facilities are dedicated to swift testing, ensuring timely identification of health concerns and prompt initiation of treatment plans. This rapid testing not only accelerates the identification of potential health issues but also expedites the commencement of necessary medical interventions, ensuring your pet’s well-being.
  • Enhanced Precision in Health Assessments: Our precise diagnostic tests guarantee accurate health evaluations, which form the basis for highly effective treatment plans. These assessments enable our veterinary team to precisely understand your pet’s health status, allowing for the formulation of the most suitable and targeted treatment strategies.
  • Thorough and Extensive Health Evaluation: The extensive testing available in our laboratory facilities ensures a comprehensive evaluation of your pet’s health. This thorough examination is instrumental in ensuring that all potential health issues are detected and addressed, leaving no room for undetected concerns.
  • Access to Specialized Diagnostics: Collaborating with specialized diagnostic partners broadens our testing capabilities, providing access to specialized diagnostics for unique and rare health concerns. These partnerships significantly expand our ability to diagnose and manage complex and specific health conditions in pets.

In essence, our laboratory services go beyond quick and accurate diagnoses. They ensure precision, thoroughness, and access to specialized diagnostics, all contributing to the best possible care for your pet’s best health outcomes.